Own CryptoGods and Mine God-Power-Coin (GPC)


The target is to get a sustainable economy.

  • Purchase Gods with ETH. Sell Gods for ETH.
  • Gods can mine GPC. Use GPC to upgrade Gods for more mining power.
    • The supply of GPC per block is fixed, just like in real mining. This ensures its value.
    • GPC can also be used to bid for new Gods in the future (and the winner can set its ETH price). This will reward real players and stop bots.
  • Finally, you will be able to directly buy and sell GPC with ETH here. And the full circle is completed.

Transaction fee: 1% goes to dividend card, 3% goes to developer.

Price increase example: 0.01 => 0.02 => 0.04 => 0.08 => 0.16 => 0.32 => 0.48 => 0.64 => 0.80 => 0.96 => 1.15 => ... (~ +20%)

And you are always able to lower the selling price.


Currently mining upgrade boosts GP by 4% each time. Remember other players can purchase your God.

Payout = (+GPC/B) * (current_block# - last_payout_block#). A ETH block is ~15 seconds.